The Confidence Suit

I was asked a flattering question at an inspiration and aspiration event I did for school students last week - 

Standing in front of a hundred people, for a demanding four hour session, how can you be so confident? 

I might have banked some glory, and said, "it just comes naturally...", or "it's down to experience...", or "it's all in the planning..."

Instead, I was honest and told my young questioner - 

It's the confidence suit.

I was reminded of the question this week, when at a magnificent art exhibition in Cambridge (the city does lots of this cultural stuff, and despite looking like a beer swilling buffoon I do love it) - 

CCCConfidence suit.JPG

Why is one of these statues looking far more contented than the other? 

Because he's got the confidence suit on. Or in this case, the confidence shades. 

It doesn't just come naturally, it's not down to the experience, or the planning. 

And I'm not naturally super confident, standing there in front of a big group of people, trying to keep them interested, amused, entertained and educated for four hours. 

It's this - 

I learnt early that you have to be what people want you to be at events like this. 

So every time I do an event, I put on the confidence suit.

And bless it, with all its finesse, joy and finery, and the adventures it's taken me on -

It's the finest thing I ever wore.