The Dreaded Resolutions, a Joke, and a Confession

I resolved I wouldn't make any New Year Resolutions, so here we go with five of a writing kind -

1. To pass on more of what I've learnt, both as an author and journalist, and both to youngsters and adults.

I love teaching; it's the legacy thing, a sense of doing some good in the world. When I help a young person into a career in the media, or a fellow writer to get published, it's one of the most joyous feelings I know.

2. Write a romance novel.

I can't be bored in life, for me that's a cardinal sin; there's far too much of it to explore. That means trying something new and happily writing offers so much in the way of options. I've never attempted a romance novel before, so here we go...

If only I understood about love and relationships, but hey! I'm working on it and life presents endless possibilities.

3. Write more jokes for Twitter.

So beware! I do love my dreadful Dad jokes. Also, if you deconstruct a joke, you see it's often a classical example of storytelling; the character, a plot and a twist at the end. I may well use some of that in my teaching this year.

By the way, did I tell you I went to the pet shop to buy a spider? But they were £100, so I thought; no way. I could get one cheaper on the web.

4. Use more semicolons.

I like them (as you may have noticed from this blog); they're distinctive.

Which brings us to...

5. Confession time.

I always try to be honest in these little rambles of the soul, and I've been thinking hard about what to do with the future.

I'm considering getting away, trying something new, maybe a masters degree in education or history, full-time teaching somewhere, or something else that interests me.

But this I hold dear - wherever I go and whatever I do, I shall take writing along as my constant companion, inspiration and comfort. I would be lost without it, as I know is the case with so many of us.

Here's to that, and a happy and successful writing year to all.