The Dull Bits

Writing is a wonderful way of life, and it's often (usually rightly) thought of as glamorous. 

But, as ever in this world, there's a but. 

There are the lumpy times, and I'm going through one now. 

I'm doing the edits on the second book in my young adults series, and, to be frank I HATE EDITING. 


It's no fun at all. The excitement of the initial idea, followed by working up the new characters and plot are long gone, not to mention the actual joy of writing the thing. 

Now it's checking consistency of the plot, adjusting sentences, and spotting dots and commas out of place. 

In a word, it's dull. DULL! 

However, I have developed a way of cheering up the dull bits of writing life. 

bridge blog.JPG

One is a delight in the beauty of life, and taking photos of it (this is my beloved River Exe at dusk.) 

Another is to find more interesting parts of writing to break up the editing.

I've been putting together a pantomime, which has proved great fun. I've also been working on some teaching and ideas for comedy sketches. 

If I do some of that, at strategic intervals, it just about saves me from going insane from the TEDIUM of EDITING. 

It's a lesson which took a while to learn, giving yourself treats to look forward to, but I'm very glad I have. 

And ok, every way of life has its downsides.

But I'd still say writing has far fewer than just about any other.