The Final Countdown

I couldn't resist the 80's pop-tastic lyrical allusion, that being my decade, but I'm thinking about the books thing.

In fact, it's what I've mostly been thinking about these last few weeks, as the day of publication of Shadows of Justice nears.

Have I mentioned the book is out on May 1st?  I think I may have slipped it in occasionally... just once or twice...

Forgive the excitement, please.  What I wanted to talk about was the preparations I've been making, and one in particular...

... choosing a reading from the new book. 

This is proving tricky! 

I've got a few events to do to mark publication, and it's only natural that the audience will be keen beyond belief to hear a sample of my scribblings. (Maybe.)

But which to choose? It's an obvious thought to go for the beginning, but I'm not sure that's right.  I want to give a sense of the book, its plot and characters, and the style of my writing, but not to give too much away. 

Plus it can't be too long, or the audience will go into standby mode and may never recover.

I think I've sorted a page or two, and interestingly they're not the very start, but a little way into the book.  I hope they'll be just enough to give a flavour, and hopefully leave people wanting to read more.

I've also had a little photo shoot done, for an article in a magazine.  Enclosed is one of the snaps, for your interest / amusement.

Simon steps 1.jpg

It's supposed to be mean and moody, as befits a crime writer, but make your own judgement.  (A big thanks to James Millar, the photographer, who was great in making the best of the limited raw materials available.)

I've planned the talks I'll be giving and rehearsed them, which means they'll doubtless come out nothing like I intended, but such is the way of live performance.

If you're interested, there are details of the events on the News and Events page -

So, all is almost ready, or as ready as it'll ever be.

Only a week to go until the book comes out now.  Not that I'm (still) counting...