The Gift of Time

The gift of time is a wonderful thing. 

Now I'm no longer working a whenever to whenever job, I have more space to enjoy the world. 

Even something simple like going to the supermarket this week became almost a pleasure because of the sky when I emerged - 


In my previous existence, endlessly rushing around, I doubt I would have noticed such a spectacle, let alone felt able to stand and enjoy it. 

(Even if gazing up at the sky in the middle of a busy car park can get you plenty of funny looks.)

I also have more time to talk to people.

The lovely woman who takes the bodypump class at my new gym was sitting in reception this week, and for once I had time to stop and chat. 

And I was treated to some insights into Cambridge life which would otherwise have taken me months to learn. 

Then there's Steve, chirpy Cockney geezer on the fruit and veg stall I frequent, and his fabulous tales of market life.

(Just don't ask about the crows.)

((Or the mice.))

I've visited museums, galleries and the wonderful historic buildings in Cambridge, and delighted in their joyous collections of wisdom, art, culture and knowledge.

For a writer, it's also given me a new sense of freedom, creativity and energy. 

I've just signed a contract to reissue my backlist of books - after some updating tweaks - because I had the time to actually go and meet with a publisher. 

And I've come up with ideas for new courses, books and short stories. 

(And before you even think it, because I know you will - yes, there is also the opportunity to visit more pubs and try more beers.)

I know not everyone's in such a fortunate position to be able to free up time in their life. 

But if you can manage to find even a couple of hours to enjoy the quiet wonders of this amazing world, I can promise you it's richly worth spending the time doing so.