The Little Things

It's an old saying that little things mean a lot, and I can certainly echo that. 

I am the proud owner of a new tie - 


The SMCC stands for South Molton Community College, where I was privileged to be the guest at their Presentation Evening this week. 

I made a little speech and gave out the awards for achievement, merit and effort, and the exam certificates. 

I don't charge a fee for events like this, because I think it's the right thing to do -

To give something back to the community in recognition of all the good fortune I've been lucky enough to know, and to see if I can encourage young people on to bright futures. 

So it was quite a surprise to hear one of the teachers, who was also speaking, talk about the hundreds, and, in some cases, thousands of pounds that some people ask for giving speeches at such events. 

But who needs the money when you've can have this instead?

Firstly - the quiet appreciation of all the parents and staff who thanked me for taking the time to come to their school and support them. 

Secondly - the smiles and pride of the students at their achievements. 

And thirdly, being part of the work of a school who say they don't want to pay out large sums of money to guests, when it could far better be spent on educating their students. 

(And quite right too in my humble view.)

But the college did want to do something to thank me, and other like-minded speakers who visit. 

So they had these lovely ties made. 

That means much more to me than a fat cheque. 

Much, much more. 

I shall wear my new tie with great pride.