The Luck Garden

More than a few times in life I've been told... you're lucky. 

Working for the BBC, being an author, travelling, teaching, meeting extraordinary people, going to amazing places, witnessing remarkable events. 

I was blessing my good fortune this week when I was in a workshop, held outside in the garden of part of Cambridge University, talking with and listening to some wonderfully talented people. 

LlLlLlLLluck blog.jpg

It's true, I've had my share of luck in life. 

Although anyone born into a developed country, with decent health, good schools and teachers, and parents who love them and want the best for them, would (should?) probably also count themselves lucky. 

But there is more to it than just being born lucky. You can very much help to make your own luck. 

I was invited to that workshop because, when I got to Cambridge, I didn't just sit around waiting for something to happen for me. 

I got out, met people, and did my best to sell myself and my humble skillset. 

Just like when I was at the BBC. And some colleagues used to tell me... you're lucky, stories like that coming to you.

Not quite.

They didn't just come to me. I went out and found them. 

Like I've just been invited to lead part of one of the finest creative organisations in Cambridge. 

Not because they came looking for me. Because I went out to meet them. And held a free event for them. 

Which - happily - went well enough to be asked on board. 

For me, luck is like a garden. 

You might be fortunate enough to be given a few plants and seeds, courtesy of kind chance. 

But if you really want your patch of life to flourish and thrive, with colour and beauty, it's the same old story as with so much of this wonderful world. 

It only comes if you work, work, work at it.