The Natural Highs of Writing

Who needs drugs when you've got writing and all it brings to lift you to a natural high? Come share the simple, but heartfelt, smiles of this week -

I heard from one of my students, that she's got a meeting with an agent who's interested in her novel. 

An invitation to teach another course at the wonderful Swanwick Writers' Summer School arrived.

I took time to prepare a session on teaching youngsters about the joys of writing and storytelling, to mark the formation of a book club.

I began rewriting the young adults novel I've been working on, and what a pleasure it's been to get to know the characters and their lives again.

A walk around my beloved River Exe brought a stunner of a sunset, and inspiration with it -

sunset bridge blog.jpg

I had a couple of new ideas for teaching this summer, including one that features some of my awful jokes on a writing related theme (beware!) For example - 

I was going to pen an allegory, but I couldn't think of anything to write about to write about.

I spent a couple of justified hours in a pub, sketching out a talk about my books for later in the week.

All that in just a few short days. Yes, there were some down moments, when the words wouldn't come, but that's the life and if you have patience, keep the faith, and work your way through the troubles, then you know...

The next natural high of writing will be awaiting.