The Odd One Out

I imagine most people have felt this way at some point in their lives, and more than a few are starting the new year thinking it. 

That like this hoover shop I saw in Cambridge, which made me smile - 


They're feeling like the odd one out. 

Maybe they've moved to a new town, city, county or country. Maybe they haven't moved at all, but have taken a new job, or seen a shake up in their lifestyle. 

Whichever and whatever, it can be an unsettling feeling.


Which leaves a wondering what the future will bring, and whether they will ever fit in and be taken to the heart of their new community.

I know it's odd (but very me) - I felt rather sorry for this guitar. It looked forlorn and lonely. 


Thinking back on my own experiences of life, when I first joined the BBC I felt rather lonely and wondered if I would ever fit in. 

And likewise when my first book came out, ten years ago this year, whether I could ever be a part of the publishing world. 

But both went well in the end. With time, patience, and a bit of effort.

So if you ever feel you're an electric guitar in the land of hoovers (and you don't get to write that very often), remember - 

You might not be so strictly practical in terms of what you can do in life. 

But you sure can bring a huge amount of happiness to an awful lot of people.