The Other Side of a Signing

I've been asked to do a book signing on Saturday (15th June) to mark the refurbishment of the Waterstone's in Newton Abbot. 

I haven't done one for a while and always enjoy them, so am looking forward to it.

What I particularly like about signings is the market research I get to carry out.

One of the great things about this writing lark is that it's very much a two way street, even if that isn't always obvious.  Readers think they gain from me - entertainment etc. from reading one of my books (hopefully, anyway!) But I also get a great deal from them.

The great thing about signings is that I get time to talk to people about the tvdetective books. When I do a talk, there's only limited time to chat afterwards, as I don't like to keep people waiting as they queue for a signed copy.

But at signings there's more time as people can mill around the store, then wander over when it's a little quieter. And I love hearing about why people buy my books, what they like about them and even what they don't.

Because it all helps me to learn - to think more from the mindset of a reader when I'm working. 

I also just like people - as most writers do (otherwise how else can we write about them?!) and have made many friends from signings.

And often I get recommendations for books to read, and am happy to pass on my views about what's well worth a try (and, surprise surprise - I don't always just say my own work!)

So, as with so much of the writing journey, it's far more about pleasure than work.

And, as I often say at book talks, I'm a compulsive thief for bits of characters, quirks etc., so beware - part of you could easily end up in one of the tvdetective novels.

If you fancy coming to the signing, it's 12 - 2, at the Waterstone's store, which is on the main shopping street in Newton Abbot.