The otter

National Crime Fiction week begins on Mon (14th June), with events across the country.

I'm doing a few, all in Devon, as it happens.  And please - nobody dare to suggest this is entirely deliberate so I can still be close to home to watch the World Cup!

All the events are at places I haven't yet visited, so I'm looking forward to meeting some new people.  I've just written the outline of one of the talks.  There are a few anecdotes I often tell, and I've been giving some a rest of late, so I don't get bored with them.  The effect of this has been that, on several occasions, someone has put up a hand and said - you didn't tell the otter.

The thing has become infamous!

For some of you, the otter in question will mean nothing, and, if so, I can't explain here, the story goes on for far too long.  Suffice to say it is one of the daftest things that has ever happened to me in a career which has been full of them.  But if you want to know more, the answer is - come along to one of the events!

There's a list on the news and events page -

Hope to see you - and tell you more about the infamous otter! - at one of the events.