The Packing Priorities of a Writer

I'm going shopping this morning, for a large case for next month's cruise.  And it's got me thinking about what I need to take with me.

Socks, pants, shorts... fear not, before you stop reading right here, there's more to this blog than a laundry list. Or I hope there is, anyway.

I was thinking about the priorities of what I need to take.  And I've realised that the first things I pack whenever I go away for a writing event are the tools of the trade, and they're very simple - it's a notepad and pen.  The mundane bits of clothing, toothpaste etc. come a long way second.

And it doesn't stop there.  Such is the way whenever I go out anywhere. I feel naked unless I have a piece of paper and a pen with me.

My poor friends are quite used to us being out for a beer or two, and I'll reach for my pen because some idea has just struck.  At night, I keep paper and pen by the bed, as I know I'm prone to waking up with an idea.

And I hate losing them!  They're the raw materials of the job. 

One of the great things about writing is that it's such a simple art, requiring so little in the way of start-up materials.  All you need is pen and paper, some time to think, and some ideas.  And off you go...

I could get by on the cruise with just my notepad and some pens and be quite happy.  Such is the way with writers.  We can happily live in a world of our own, and almost indefinitely so.  (Some may think I've been doing this for quite a while already.)

But, to finish on the packing theme, I think I will take some shorts, shirts etc etc.  It's only fair on the other passengers - the alternative is far too unpleasant to contemplate!