The Perfect Holiday

I've just enjoyed my perfect holiday. 

Laying on a beach and doing nothing has never appealed. My brain refuses to switch off.

For me, ideal breaks involve the loves of my life in a beautiful location, and so... 


The Swanwick Writers' Summer School is just ideal. This is the delightful old house, with writers enjoying the evening sun. 

Everyone there comes together for the love of a shared passion - writing. 

Oh, and there's more than a bit of fun, too - 


Which obviously you need after a hard day's writing. 

I also get to indulge myself in my love of teaching. Thanks to all who came on my journalism and characterisation courses.


I had a great time and much of that was down to the writers, playing along with my daft ways of teaching. 

Now that's my kind of holiday. One that lifts the heart and mind both.