The Perfect Job

Writing is simply the perfect job - as I couldn't help but think (and be very thankful for) this week.

I've been away in Fishguard, Wales, teaching Crime Writing as part of the wonderful Writers' Holiday. 

Why was it such a great experience? To start with, when you arrive at the hotel to a room with a view like this, then you can't help but relax, smile and count your blessings. 

view fishy.JPG

Then there was the teaching, one of the great loves of my life, however late I may have discovered it. And my brilliant group, who were full of talent and energy and didn't mind my daft ways of teaching at all (thanks for that everyone, it was a privilege working with you.)

group fishy.JPG

Aren't they impressively studious?! And not to mention accomodating. We were blessed with glorious weather, which made it rather hot, so I asked them a strange question after our first morning together...

... would you mind if I taught the rest of the course in shorts? And so came a teaching first (prepare for a shock here) -

fish me knees.jpg

The beer didn't hurt, either. The organisers of the holiday sure know the way to an author's heart, by putting on a free bar. Well, it would have been rude not to indulge.

And all the while the talk was the love of writing, our shared passion.

Then came another treat - the Cwmbach Male Choir, filling our hearts and souls with their joyous voices -

fish choir.JPG

It was as though I was ticking off all my loves and delights, all in one place in a few days, and all made possible by the love of writing.

So here's to writing, the perfect job.