The Power of Books

One of the reasons I count myself so very fortunate to be a writer is the power of books.

I've been dabbling with a young adults novel of late, and part of its theme is the inevitability (or not) of our futures.

It's a theme which has fascinated me for as long as I can remember; whether there's such a thing as fate or whether you can change what will come to pass.

I can't help but wonder if much of that is due to a book I read when I was 11 or so, in English classes at school.

Those were the long ago days when we did group reading in class and I remember it well. My first teacher was a hugely engaging and very smart lady called Mrs Nolan, and the lovely Sarah D, who all we boys fancied, was sitting just next to me.

(No wonder I remember it.)

Anyway, as I've been writing my young adults story, I've found myself thinking of this book, and trying to remember all about it.

Then I had a very obvious idea - why not read it again? A quick flick around this new fangled internet thing, and a few days later, in the post arrived...

old powder line.jpg

I had another book I was reading when this came through the door, but immediately abandoned it in favour of the Old Powder Line.

I read it in a day or two and I can safely say I found it as captivating as I did so many years ago.

What a wonderful thing writing is, that it can have such a lasting impact on us.

As an author, you can only quietly hope that one of your own books may have a similar effect on a few people, and bring them such happiness. That's not a bad legacy to leave, I'd say.