The Power of Words

I've been in love with words for as long as I can remember. And I was thinking this weekend of all they give us. 

Words are so very democratic. Anyone can use them, and for anything. To express thoughts and feelings, to love and hate, to explore, to inspire, to explain, to live. 

Sometimes, words can capture a moment and a meaning. And so simply and beautifully. 

Think - 'I have a dream.' Or - 'Once more unto the breach...' Or - 'So much owed by so many to so few...'

But words are for us all, not just great leaders, writers, visionaries or statesmen. And that's what makes them so powerful. 

I've been covering the major fire in Exeter for much of the last week. And it's been so sad to see part of my city's history destroyed. 

But amidst the sorrow, one evening, in the window of a cake shop, Cakeadoodledoo, just down the road from the Hotel Clarence fire, I saw some words I had to record - 


I popped the picture in a Tweet and it got hundreds of responses. 

Just a few simple words in a window, which took only a few seconds to write, but appreciated by so many. 

That's one of my favourite parts of being a writer. And perhaps even one of the great aspirations of the industry.

To shape words in such a memorable manner. 

The wonder of words - how they can capture a moment, a thought, or a feeling in a way we can all share.