The process of becoming real

Ooohh!  Excitement!

At least, I think so.  But then, I find curious things exciting - I got oddly into watching a cormorant fishing on the River Exe on Friday, wondering if it was going to catch some lunch.

Before you start to worry, the purpose of this blog, however, is not about bird-watching.  It's all about the new tvdetective book.

Hence the ooohh!

It's finally started to become real for me, the fact that it's going to be published. I was having discussions with the publishers on Friday, and it's scheduled to come out in April or May of next year.

It's a strange thing, but up until that point I hadn't thought a great deal about it.  I'd written the thing, then done some editing and sent it off, and then... sort of forgotten about it with all else that's going on. 

But now it's all back and prompting a lovely tingling of the system and a swirling of the stomach. I've finally started to think about seeing it on bookshelves and in libraries, and that's such a smiley idea.

I can't tell you what the title is yet.  The marketing people want to release that at a date which suits them.  And in the modern world, the marketing department must always be obeyed.

But I can tell you the book is all set in Devon, althought a lot more of the action is in the countryside than previous tvdetective novels.  And Dan and Adam are faced with two interlocking mysteries, over a period of several months, both of which surround sad, and even tragic, events.

Ok, enough.  I wasn't supposed to say that much, but you know how good I am at keeping secrets when I get excited.

It's a very fine feeling, to be counting down to publication again.  It's scary, in that once more you put yourself out there, awaiting nervously to hear the reaction to all your work.

But that's the way life goes, in this humble scribbler's view.  No risk, no reward.  No trying something, no progressing.

I like the timing, too.  It feels like something to keep me absorbed over the winter, doing the edits, working towards publication. 

More on the book as I'm allowed to tell you!  But I'm already carrying the thought of it around with me, like a new friend.

(And finally, as we say in the news trade, in case you were wondering - the coromorant didn't catch a fish.  But life is like that.  It can't all be happy endings.  And no, that's not an allusion to what's in the new book... or is it?!)