The Reader's Eyes and a Thank You

I think myself very fortunate to have the readers I do. They're a kind and thoughtful bunch, and with very sharp eyes and minds.

It's been three months since Shadows of Justice was published, and I've been fortunate enough to get lots of feedback, almost all of it warming.

I do love my readers attention to detail. Only today, I got an email pointing out a typo half way through Shadows. It's remarkable how these still get in, given the proof reading and editing, not to mention modern technology, but they somehow do.

I appreciate knowing about them though, as they can be corrected in the re-prints.

But my favourite email about Shadows came last month, with a concern that Dan may have breached the law with some broadcasting he does at the end of the book.

I won't go into details so as not to spoil the plot for you, if you haven't read it (and why not?!), but my reader was concerned about transgressing the Contempt of Court Act, 1981, and had even gone so far as to look up its exact wording and precedents.

Wonderful! We entered into a little email dialogue, and I think (hope?) I convinced him the report should just about be ok.

There's an odd contrast here - between a reader's happiness to accept the unlikely, if it makes for a good story (after all, a TV reporter getting so close to a criminal investigation, as in my books, is unusual to say the least), but then being keen to pick up on such tiny details.

I take it all as a compliment, as it makes me think people are at least paying attention to what I've scribbled, instead of just skimming on through.

So, three months on from the publication of Shadows, it's time to say thank you to my readers for supporting me, correcting me and taking the time to say they enjoy my efforts at writing.

Finally for this blog, a visual interlude. Last week I had the honour of unveiling a plaque in Exeter to mark the association of Charles Dickens and the great campaigning journalist, Thomas Latimer with the city.

Plaque unveiled.jpg

And here it is, and a very fine memorial it is too. It's at 143 Fore Street, if you fancy having a look.

That's another of the joys of writing - being asked along to such events. So thank you all, for everything you've done to speed my writing journey on its way. It's greatly appreciated.