The television TV Detective

Various people who have been kind enough to read the tvdetective books have told me they think the series would make good television.  And so, have there - I'm asked - been any such expressions of interest?

Well, it's funny you should mention that, because yes, there have.  A couple of companies have been in touch, asking about the rights to the books.  Now, I don't get too excited about this, because authors have become a tad cynical about such approaches. What's tended to happen in the past is that the TV companies buy up the rights for a fairly modest sum and then do precisely nothing with them.

These days, the clever people who are literary agents have grown wise to that ruse, and put a time limitation on the rights. No programme or series within a certain time and they lapse, and quite right too in this humble scribbler's view.  Who wants the good friends that are your characters languishing unloved on some company's shelves, when they could be having fun and living their lives on the screen?!

Anyway, the point of this - before I got into one of those traditional Hall digressions you'll probably be familiar with by now - is that yes, it is indeed possible that the tvdetective series could one day lurch onto television.

For now, it's a favourite little fantasy of mine, as nothing is signed and in production, but it's a notion I nonetheless enjoy entertaining.  It does however bring a couple of problems.

The first is that TV adaptations tend to bend the nature of the characters and stories. I've steeled myself for this - other authors tell me it's necessary, but that the producers have a lovely way of beguiling you into agreeing to their plans. Apparently, what happens is that they invite you onto the set as a "consultant" (note - no real power, just a comfy chair and a good view), and if they think something needs changing from your wonderful original work, they then put it to you.

But!  The clever part is they keep you well oiled with hospitality, thus vastly increasing the chances of a response in the affirmative.

As I've said, I'm prepared for this, and it doesn't sound too unpleasant an experience to me.

The other issue is this - who to play Dan? Well, as many have speculated that the tvdetective series is loosely autobiographical, if that's the case surely it has to be... who else but... Daniel Craig?!

Ok, you can stop laughing now!  It was just a thought.

One final matter to mention in this blog - and it's a big thanks to everyone who came to see me at Waterstone's in Exeter on Saturday, it was splendid to meet you all and hear that you're enjoying reading the books just as much as I enjoy writing them.