The Travels Within

Like many I love travelling, but for a writer there are journeys even more important than the ones that take us around this amazing world.

I'm talking about the travels within.

Of course, by exploring the wonders of Planet Earth we get to see so many sights and meet so many people that it can inspire and broaden our writing.

But the real travels are the ones in our imagination. Those where we go on an adventure of the mind with the people born of our creativity. 

What I love so much about the imagination is that it's unlimited. If there isn't a place on the planet that's right for our setting, we can take a few hours of mind-wandering to invent one.

And as for the people who live there.... the only limit is within ourselves.

I delight in our world, which is a good thing as a big part of a writer's job is to observe. On the subject of which, here's a quick visual interlude from my native dear Devon.


Ah, I can almost smell the summer air. Come back soon, please!

But as I was saying - for a writer, the most precious place to travel is within.

It's there, down in the depths of ourselves, that we find the true thoughts and feelings that really resonate and help us come as close as we can to the truth of this strange but wonderful thing called life.