The Ugly Duckling

It's an old insight, which I've mentioned more than a few times, but worth re-telling after this week. 

I even saw a lovely scene on my dear River Exe which summed it up for me - 

swANs bLOg.JPG

What am I talking about (you find yourself asking yet again)? I'll explain in a minute...

Anyhow, the insight went like this - 

One writing friend, who's had a rough time with rejections of late, kept on going...

And got an article accepted for a top magazine, and it's a great one. 

Another writing friend, who had a series of rejections for their novel, kept on going...

And had a publisher on the phone.

I've been struggling with a part of my teaching for the summer.

It's on characterisation, which I love talking about, and has been particularly annoying because I knew the answer was there, and that it was a good one. 

But I kept at it...

And at last it came, and I love it, and it's going to be such fun playing it out with my groups come the sweet summer months. 

(It involves a pile of large chocolate coins, since you ask. Maybe I'd better say no more.)

And as for the picture, above - I'm thinking the story of the ugly duckling. 

If you keep on going, keep preening those feathers, don't give up, then one day, if you keep the faith...

(I can't believe I'm about to write this last line, it's so strange, but it's making me chuckle, so...)

The ugly duckling of fate will transform to become a beautiful swan.