The Upside Down Excitement of Writing

It's a common complaint of mine that the excitement of this writing lark is back to front.

For me, the part that's the most fun is the idea.  That one little grain of grit which grows to become the beautiful pearl.

If you analyse most books - and it's certainly true with the tvdetective series - at their heart lies one fundamental idea, character, event, or premise.  There's much else built upon it, but that's the foundation.

And that's the part I love.  Finding the foundation of inspiration and feeling it grow; shaping it, madly scribbling out page after page of notes on how it'll come to make a book.

Then follows the actual writing.  Which is still good fun because the book will continue to evolve, will surprise you by going off in directions you didn't expect, but which is also darned hard work too.

After the first draft however, for me, the excitement begins to wane.  Then you're into the re-writing and editing.  Which is still vital - don't get me wrong - but frankly rather mundane.

And as most of my books have been re-written six or seven times, by the point you're getting to the end of that process it's starting to become almost a chore.

Which is the strange thing, the upside down element.  Because at that point, you should be getting the most excited as that's when you're nearest to actually seeing the book published.

There is - happily - one caveat to all that, and here it comes - with due fanfare, flourishes, and a fly by from the Red Arrows...

Shadows of Justice cover jpeg.jpg

It's when the cover is finalised.  And lo!  Here it is. 

That's when the excitement starts to kick again.  When all the work is worthwhile, you can almost see the thing on the shelves and feel a copy in your hand.

And not that I'm counting, but publication day is eight weeks tomorrow.  So, if you'll forgive me - woo hoo!

Yours, excitedly.