The Variety of Voices

I've been playing with voices for my new book, and (1) enjoying it enormously, but also (2) reflecting how it's something we all do in life. 

I'm not sure if my narrator is going to be. Abrupt. And terse. Really uptight. And jagged. 

Or much more relaxed, flowing and gentle, florid and feeling, elegant and eloquent. 

But then, we all adapt our voices according to our needs. 

I was with Cambridge University this week, trying to encourage more state school students from my dear south west to apply. 

VVVVVoice blog.jpg

And I noticed how my voice changed throughout the session; from more formal with the teachers, to more relaxed and yoof speak with da kidz.

Just like it used to when I was a reporter, from "cor what a game" with a group of football fans to "a pleasure to welcome you to Devon..." with a captain of industry. 

It's about establishing a connection, and getting what we want from a situation. However unthinkingly, we all do it. 

We're all actors and authors, whether we realise it or not. Taking on our characters as the situation demands. 

Writers notice things like that. It's what we do, one of the joys of the job, being an observer of life.

After all, didn't a rather well known writerly type pen something about all the world being a stage, and all the men and women merely players?