The Writing Glow

There are many things that can make a writer glow. 

Something as simple as an idea, maybe a new character, a cute piece of scene setting, some passably decent prose, an uplifting literary festival... 

But my favourite is the teaching and education thing. 

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke to a group of several hundred ten year olds about raising their aspirations and looking forward to a life that could be full of variety, excitement and fulfilment - 

marjon photo.jpg

It will come as no surprise I thoroughly recommended writing. 

The event itself was sufficient to give me quite a glow, but that's only been turned up this week by the arrival of some lovely thank you letters - 

marjon thanks.jpg

Lots of them! And all full of lovely words about what a good time the youngsters had and how they had begun thinking about futures they may never otherwise have considered. 

I even got a few drawings of a certain someone... and they were remarkably lifelike! 

marjon me.jpg

Yep, that's much how I look when talking to a camera. 

It's a wonderful feeling, to have a sense you might actually make a difference to one or two young lives, and it's something I shall keep with me, to keep me glowing, for many weeks ahead. 

Words, thoughts and feelings, and the chance to be a force for good. The life of a writer - and what a joyful and blessed existence it is.