The Writing Season

Spring is the season of writing for me. 

It's not just some emotional whim on my part (as usual). I have evidence! The writing world definitely comes back to life in the springtime. 

For example - I've just been asked to do a couple of events. Next month, I'm teaching at the fab Winchester Writers' Festival, and after that comes the wonderful Swanwick School. 

But perhaps more than just that, I've felt an uplift in the creativity, like sunshine through the clouds... 

SpRiNg blog.JPG

(Cue one of Simon's photos from his beloved River Exe this week - amazing cloud streams. How can you not be uplifted walking in a world underneath that?)

Maybe it's the return of light to the land, or warmth, but spring somehow spurs the writing energy. 

It's prompted me to start working on something new; a TV drama series, which I'm enjoying hugely. And also come up with some fresh ideas for my teaching. 

On top of that, I've even penned a new short story, and taken on a new student to help mentor into the world of the media. 

There must be something in the air. Something called springtime, a sweet, invisible elixir for we oh-so-lucky writing folk. 

Come drink it up, one and all, and share the joy of this smiling, restorative season.