Time Together and Apart

It's easy, perhaps even obligatory, for a writer to fall in love - with our characters, settings and stories, not to mention the craft itself.

But like many great relationships, there needs to be time together and apart.

My current passion is the young adults novel I'm working on. But to make sure our relationship is fulfilling its delightful potential, I had to do something I really didn't care for this week... 

I took time away from the book. 

Last weekend I finished a set of edits, which meant the next business was checking them through. But I knew if I did that straight away, I wouldn't see the book with clear and fresh eyes.

So I forced myself to spend the last few days working on the teaching I've got coming up over the summer. And ok, that was good and enjoyable, but wow, did I miss the book.

But having time away worked. Because coming back to it today, the edits have been cleaner, sharper and much better for the break.

And there's an added bonus. Time away has given me a chance to get out and relax, think, breathe, and see some of my favourite riverbank friends -

goose pic.jpg

(It's nesting time and I wonder if I can see a naughty glint in the goose's eye?!)

Anyway, it's a lesson which can take a while to learn, and isn't always easy, but is well worth remembering.

No matter how much you're in love, a little time apart can make the relationship even better.