What an extraordinary time the Queen's Diamond Jubilee was. Even that miserable bugbear of the British, the darned intemperate weather, couldn't dampen the enthusiasm.

Everywhere you looked were people determined to celebrate, and in great numbers.

It set me thinking about the times when communities really come together.  I see it myself in my day job as - as does Dan in the tvdetective books.  And it's always about the extremes of emotion.

In the mundane, ordinary days of life we plod onwards, often with little thought for much but simply surviving the week.  But when disaster strikes, it's about the only heartening element of the episode, the touching humanity and sense of society that draws people together to try to help each other.

There's plenty of bad news to be had for Dan and I in our careers. But I'm proud to say that we both do our very best to present the positive side of life, too however much it may be hidden.  And that's what I've observed countless times, people helping others who are suffering or struggling.

At times such as the Jubilee, the togetherness is easier - it's a celebration, after all. But even there I saw strangers sharing cups of tea to keep warm and umbrellas to try to shelter from the rain.

I mention all this now because there's a big sense of community coming together in the new tvdetective book, which has made me reflect on all I saw at the weekend.  It's a great human phenomenon, a real test of the strength of our society, an uplifting spectacle, and long may it continue, too!

Finally then, a song to go with this blog, and how about a bit of Beatles, to try to make the theme work?  Let's go for Come Together, a very fine song and also a great sentiment.