Treading New Ground

I had to give myself a good telling off this week.

I got an invitation to compere an evening of authors and poets giving public readings of their work at a writing school this summer.

Immediately I thought - Hmm, haven't done something like that, not sure whether I should or not...

And then felt bad about my reaction.

Why did I start writing novels, ten years and more ago now? Because it was new and different and I wanted to challenge myself. Why did I start doing talks about my work... why did I start teaching etc?

Same answer. So shame on me for even deliberating, and I've now said yes.

I realised I have this instinctive thing that I always want to try something new, to push myself, to innovate. I was teaching media careers last week...

Holsworthy college.jpg

And I varied both my sessions to include new ideas and exercises, so I could try out different teaching techniques, see what worked, and also to keep myself fresh and enthusiastic.

I've never wanted to get jaded in what I do, risk losing the energy and enjoyment. And what's life for if not to innovate and test yourself?

It's another of the reasons I love writing so much. It offers such scope for such creativity.

So I shall be trying out the art of compering come the summer, and there's one other great advantage... I reckon it gives me scope to air some of my jokes, too.

Oh dear, I'm getting into the idea. Mental note - Must remember to give the authors and poets a few minutes to do their stuff, too...