Unexpected Characters Two

(even computers can be unexpected characters and have mad wobblies - as per the unfinished blog above - so here's the rest...)

... and I was taken to the coffee shop, and given tea and a white chocolate cookie (they sure know the way to a writer's heart.)

Then escorted to the hall, to meet the IT supremo, who had my presentation all loaded up, and a clip on microphone ready to go. 

And the young people were all smartly dressed, and smiling, and well behaved. 

Which then translated into me grinning along and having a splendid time. 

You can contrast that with some schools I've visited, where no one is waiting for you, and no one knows you're coming, and nothing's been prepared for you, and how differently such events go...

Even organisations have a character. And it comes from the top. 

And here's the final point. 

Like-minded characters establish relationships with each other. So when I was asked to return to Huish, to do some more work with other students, I said yes immediately. 

And I'm already looking forward to my return.