Unexpected Delights

When I started writing, I did it as a challenge to myself - to see if I could actually put together a passable 100,000 words novel.

But what's been one of the most wonderful - and unexpected - parts of the writing journey is the spin offs from getting published.

I've been fortunate enough to travel to many countries to around to talk about my books. But the greatest of the joys has been the teaching work.

Inspire to aspire 1.jpg

This was an event a few days ago at Park School, Barnstaple, in north Devon. The idea of Inspire to Aspire is to make  youngsters think outside of the box about careers they might consider - to perhaps get a sense of ways of life they'd never previously imagined.

It was a wonderful evening, which I hugely enjoyed. And most gratifying of all was the number of students who said they'd never thought about becoming a journalist or writer, but now had been inspired to do so.

That's the point of this blog. Just being a writer is a dream job - letting your imagination run loose and then setting it all down for others to share. Nobody told me about careers like that when I was at school!

And the privilege of being a writer feels all the better if you can share it and perhaps encourage others to follow the same path. If I can do so for just a few people, then it's all hugely worthwhile.

One final note here, if I may indulge myself. Events like Inspire to Aspire would never happen without great teachers to think them up and make them happen.

And here are two of the finest -

Inspire to aspire 2.jpg

Sue Edmonds is the Careers' Specialist at Park, who came up with the idea, and David Atton is the Head, who backed the project all the way. I was delighted and privileged to help with it. 

So here's to writing and all it brings to our lives, how lucky we authors are, and how we should do our best to share that great good fortune.