Who to Write For

I'm often asked the question - I want to start writing, but who should I write for?

Should I have a go at young adult stories? Or try my hand at romance, crime, thrillers, historical fiction, and on the list goes..

There's a very simple answer which I always give -

You should write for yourself.

There are two reasons for that. The first is that if you spend time analysing the market, to see what's fashionable and selling well, then by the time you've planned and written your book...

The industry will have moved on and something else will be trendy.

But for me, more importantly, the real reason is this -

Only by writing for yourself, about what you believe in, what interests you, and how you really feel, will your work be authentic and interesting. Only that way will your voice truly emerge and speak out from the book.

It's also a far less pressured way of working and makes the whole writing business much more fun - as it should be.

Wait for an idea to come along which you find so interesting you can't stop thinking about it, and take it from there. You might just be surprised what happens, because that's how it worked for me.

When I started writing, I did it as a challenge to myself. Could I write a novel? Did I have the determination and persistence?

And why did I get published? Because, I'm told, I was writing about something I really cared for, was fascinated by, and it showed.

So, like the best of answers often are, when wondering who to write for...

Follow your feelings, and write for yourself. And most of all - enjoy the wonders of the ride, wherever it takes you.