Winks of Fate

Life can sometimes drop you a hint to let you know that you're on the right track. 

And - happily enough, in my experience - often at moments when you need it.

I know that's a big, bold thing to say, touching on religion, and philosophy, but hear me out -

One such moment happened to me this week, and, looking back, they've come visiting quite a few times before. 

I was out for a run along the River Cam, and reached a point where I would normally turn back. 

But this Christmas, I set myself a challenge - to run further than I had before. 

(You know what all that extra eating and drinking can do, elsewise.)

I was feeling much less than sure this was a good idea, given the rundown state of my battered old body. 

But I soldiered on anyway, because, as you know from these musings, one thing I hate with a raging passion is giving up. 

So I kept on going, and was rewarded to come upon a tiny little notice, which had been stuck to a gate -

How wonderful is that? Not to mention so very true.

Who put it there, or why, I don't know, but it sure did the trick.

I carried on running with renewed energy, and managed to hit ten miles.

Which, for a chap of my age, not to mention athletic abilities (or lack thereof) I was jolly pleased about.

Doing my usual thinking thing, on the run home I started to remember such winks of fate from other times of life.

Buying my first home, and the sun coming out to light up the living room as I stood wondering about the place. 

An interview for a job here in Cambridge, where a friend happened to walk past when I was having a chat with the interviewer...

And, completely unprompted, and unaware of the situation, stopped to praise me warmly for the piece of work I had just done for him.

Exactly the sort of work I would be doing in this job. 

(Which I subsequently got. And loved. Even if I hadn't been at all sure about it in the first place.)

Ok, I know this could just be me seeing signs which were simply down to random chance. 

But suspend your disbelief, keep an eye out, and see what happens in your daily life.

You might just get a hint you're on the right track, from wherever and why-ever it comes.

Because who doesn't prefer a wink from the fates to a grumpy old frown?