Here's a good question which has arrived in the Hall inbox - how many words of a book do I write in a day?

Like so many questions, it's one which sounds simple, but in fact is far from it.

Firstly, I never set myself a target of the number of words to write.  I think that's a sure way to scare off any inspiration - it's far better just to try to let it flow, without any strictures.  Plus, a target also gives you an artificial definition of success or failure, which I think is unhelpful.  Surely it's better to write a small number of words which work very well, rather than a mass of nonsense?

The easier answer, if I'm pushed, is that on average, I probably write a couple of thousand words a day when I'm in full book flow.  This means that, given that I grant myself a day off every week to rest and recharge, a book can be finished (in the first draft, before rewrites, edits etc., of which there are many, I assure you) in about eight or nine weeks. 

If that sounds fast, remember that I've spent at least three months planning the book beforehand, so - in theory at least - I know exactly where I'm going with the plot, sub plots. locations and characters. Although that can usually change too!

The original question was part of a request for some advice about writing, and my simplest and best is this - just go ahead and try it.  Set yourself no targets or guidelines, feel no pressure, just have a go and, most importantly, enjoy it.  Take it from me, it's enormously rewarding, come what may of your efforts.

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