Writer's Block

Now, I'm told this is a common problem amongst writing people, and a dreaded one.  And I've been suffering it over the last few days.

It's a strange thing, because the work on the new book was going along swimmingly.  All was set fair and I was enjoying myself.  Then, I wake up one morning, to find I can hardly write a word.  And when I do, it's nonsense. 

It's frustrating, and the more annoyed you get, the harder it becomes to write anything at all. So, I've learned the lesson of walking away, however difficult it may be.  In fact, I ran away and went for a jog around the river, a common source of inspiration to me.

That seemed to help and I've been writing again, albeit rather stutteringly.  Someone once told me that you don't pick the people you love, they pick you.  I'm wondering if it's the same with writing.  You might think you're in command of your characters and book, and you can tell them what's going to happen - but, it appears, only when they're ready to let you.  Strange, eh?

Anyway, some better news - the sun is out, June is here, and I'm looking forward to the Charles Causley Festival on Saturday.  If you're about the area, do come along, you'd be very welcome.  There are more details on the news and events page - www.thetvdetective.com/news.html