A couple of people have asked where I find the time to do my writing, given the full time job with the BBC.

Good question!

The answer is that I tend to do the bulk of my actual writing in the morning.  I get up most days about six, which means I can usually put a couple of hours in before being scrambled to a story. Combine that with a few hours at the weekend, and it's remarkable how quickly you can build up a book.

In the evening, I'm usually too tired to do any actual writing - after a long day, the thought of sitting at a computer isn't entirely attractive - but I find it a great time to outline the next stages of a plot, along with the quirks of any characters who we're going to meet.  I'll usually just crash out on the sofa, put some relaxing music on, lay back and think.

Some days it comes easier than others!  At the moment, it's going nicely, which I suspect is because of the long and light days.  Sunshine can be such a fine catalyst for creativity.