Writing Relationships

A writer is at the centre of a whole lot of relationships - 

With your readers, agent, publishers, characters, publicity people, and more. But for me one of the most important relationships, however quirky, is with...

Your pen. 

Like many relationships in life, these don't last forever. They can be beautiful and fleeting, they might be practical and longer lasting. Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to get both. 

But they're vital, whatever. 


By my bed, I have a whole load of pens, ready to spring into action. But the only one I use at the moment is the stunner on the far right, the silver and purple model. 

It's not the prettiest. Or the most expensive. It's not even the most elegant. It's not associated with any particular moment of my life. 

It just works for me. 

The ink is blue (I tend to write in blue, to match my eyes (not that I'm superficial) and yes, that was a joke, in case you were worrying.)

I think I like blue because it's reassuring. A childhood thing - my first writing lessons in pen were in blue ink.

(It's funny how some things stay in the mind.) 

There's just something about this pen. It feels good in the hand, light and balanced for when I'm dashing down reams of thoughts. 

It slips easily over the paper, doesn't blot or make a mess, and doesn't have that annoying tendency to dry up just when you have the most important ideas. 

For me, that pen has the wonderful combination of being reliable and beautiful (in my (blue) eyes, anyway.)

Yes, I know it's odd, having a relationship with a pen. 

But like so much of life - if you know it's right, and you feel good with it, it's amazing where you can go together.