Writing Time

When talking to a group of aspiring writers this week, I was asked a very good question - 

How do you cope with the frustration of interruptions to your writing? Like when you have to do your day job, or even something so mundane as going out for some shopping? 

The answer is simple.

I believe writers are always writing, whatever else they may appear to be doing. 

For me, when I'm running around the joyful River Exe, or walking to get a coffee, or driving, or even laying back in bed, I'm always thinking of writing.

Whether it's some element of the story I'm working on, ideas for teaching, or planning my next project, it never stops. 

Just because you're not sitting typing, it doesn't mean you're not writing. 

The actual sticking of the words down on the page is a relatively small part of the process. Important, yes, but not a huge percentage compared to all the pondering and musing, shaping up ideas, planning etc..

But there is one part of the actual writing time thing which is a delight to me -

clock blog.JPG

This is the very fine clock which graces my study (the wall is the only part which isn't messy, as you may see hints of in the reflections.)

I know I'm having a good writing day, be it the actual typing, or thinking / planning, when I forget all about this handsome chap...

And look up in surprise to find he's moved on a long way since last I thought about him.